Love & Hate: A Mysterious Emotional Duality

One needs an eye of inspection driven by curiosity, a thirst for query, exploration, contemplation and understanding for the nature around us. It takes a deep personality, a soul yearning to awaken and enlighten to it’s existence which naturally arouses such desire of wisdom, knowledge and philosophy of LIFE itself. Like a caterpillar experiencing it’s own transformation into a new being, it’s higher self pushing out, breaking off the cocoon to unleash it’s wings and finally realize it’s true identity of a magnificently beautiful butterfly.

This and all my other pieces are an authentic expression of unique lessons of life wisdom and understanding from experiences occurring naturally on my own transformative journey.

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The duality of things in nature generally, is something more obvious to even the not so inquisitive mind. Morning and night, light and dark, sun and moon, highs and lows, yet the most intriguing topic of to my query, LOVE and HATE.

The philosophy of emotions has always been a prime source of my investigation winning over other areas of interest. Emotions, which literally translates to Energy-in-MOtion, determines how we feel in a given moment. They are a direct source of Universal communication and guidance to the soul hard wired naturally into all of our bodies. A concept so divinely magical that even the greatest and brightest of minds on the planet, the celebrated Scientists haven’t been able to recreate in a robotic body. Most obviously, emotions are what makes us humans and robots an emotionally devoid, feeling-less compilation of iron machinery.

With such undefined depth to the concept of emotions, it therefore becomes utterly difficult to confine any emotion to the limits of our logical reasoning minds. The duality in the emotions of love and hate seems to be extremely mysterious, perplexing and puzzling dynamic of all, adding another layer of complexity to reasoning emotions.

Personally and rather unfortunately, I’ve had a unique and rare opportunity in my life to experience this duality in depth. It is like a blessing and a curse, to feel the fire of both the emotions burning off of the soul. Just as the shadows follow the presence of light similarly, where there is the light of unconditional love and warmth, there is an underlying existence of dark shadows of hate sprawling within the human body.

The feeling of love itself, is a downward spiral of mystery (spiritually speaking). It is something that is composed of a plethora of emotions. An everlasting love goes beyond the explanations of Science, hormones and physical sensations. It is a feeling, a desire, a fierce fire that is just inexplicably divine. It is a great source of wonder as to what makes us humans love someone unconditionally. But more than that, how does one fight off the strong flames of hate that may erupt as a result of certain occurrences? How is it that an endless sea of love is so miscible with the burning hot poisonous lava of hate?

The dam of ‘compassionate forgiveness’ in my heart, withholds a deep river of unconditional love from mixing with the poisonous hate waiting on the other side……



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Priya Rathore

Priya Rathore

Looking for Emotional, Spiritual & Mental solace? You’ve landed the right place! Here’s a compilation of wisdom from an ‘empath’ you shall resonate with.